How can my listings be found more easily online?

Here are some tips to improve your searchability:


Add as much information as possible. It can really help your listings stand out online.


Update your business description at least once a month. The change does not have to be major; simply changing a period to an exclamation will update your listings.


Add important keywords to your business description. What are some important products, services, or features that potential clients may be searching for? Let them know you have these in your business description.


•You can add the names of the cities, towns, or counties you service to your business description.


•Customize your featured message; add a “book now” message and link it to your booking mask. If you have something seasonal, promotional, new or exciting, you can also feature it here.


•Add as many relevant categories to your business as you can, and ensure that they are ranked according to importance to your business.


Enhance your listings with staff bios, products & services, menus, and a calendar.


Share your reviews to Facebook, Foursquare, and/or your website.

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