Importing customer data

If you want us to import customer information for you, please send us your customer data as an csv file (e.g. Excel) with this format:


Column Name Description
first_name First name (e.g. John)
last_name Last name (e.g. Doe)
gender Gender (male or female)
email Email (e.g.
mobile Cell phone (e.g. (555) 555-1234)
birthday Date of birth (e.g. 12/31 or 12/31/1980)
address_street Street and number (e.g. 115 East Street)
address_postal_code Zip code (e.g. 10002)
address_city City (e.g. New York)
notes Creates a customer note with the specified content
tags Assign your customers to specific groups. If there’s more than one group, they need to be separated with a comma (e.g. VIP,Beauty,PrioA)

Land line number

You can add further information such as the land line number as customer attributes by labeling additional columns of the Excel sheet accordingly. Customer attributes define which information is stored in your customer data.


The Excel file for download can be found below.



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