Detailed appointment creation


Not sure how to use the detailed appointment creation in Shore? Here’s all you need to know:





Add title






Use the title line to add a note which will be only stored in the appointment information but not communicated to your customers. Click on the brush to change the appointment color.



Select or create a customer






Start typing the name of the customer in the text field. If there is a matching entry in the database, you can select the name from the drop-down menu. If the customer hasn’t been added to the database yet, you can do so by clicking on Create New.






Once you’ve selected or created the customer, you can always open the customer profile in a separate window by clicking on View Details. This way you can add or update information, notes or even customer groups while you create the appointment.



Services and Resources





Select the desired service. Under Resource, you can select the employee in charge of the appointment. If you use resources such as rooms or tables, you can select the corresponding resource here. If the combination of employees and rooms is enabled, you can choose both an employee and a resource. Click on [image] to add services or delete them.





You can also edit the start and end times of the appointment in the appointment creation window. Click on Repeat Appointment to create a recurring appointment. For more information about recurring appointments, please click here.



Message to customer






Use this field to add a personal message to the email confirmation sent to your customer. Please note that you need to enable Notify Customer to send this message to your customers.






Here you can add files to your appointment. Please note that these files will only be stored in the appointment information. To store the files in the respective customer profile, click on View Details next to the customer’s name.



Creating the appointment and informing the customer






If you don’t want to send a booking confirmation to your customer, disable the Notify Customer option. Once you’ve entered all information, click on Create Appointment.


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