Shift plan

We recommend using the shift plan when your employees’ shifts frequently vary.


How do you enter the shifts?


•  Click on the desired week

•  Click on + Shift

•  Select the employee

•  Enter the shifts

•  Save your shifts


Set the status to “Available” to make the employee available for online booking. The employee won’t be available for booking if the status is set to "Out of office", "Vacation", "Sickness", "Training" or "School". Your customers cannot see this information.




You can create shift templates by clicking on + Template. This is useful if the shifts repeat in a certain way. Example: Your employees take weekly turns doing the morning and late shifts. Create one template called “Morning Shift” and one called “Late Shift”.







Once you’ve created the templates you can assign them to your employees by clicking on Load Template.


•  Click on the desired week

•  Click on the employee

•  Choose the desired template

•  Click on Show Details to customize the template

•  Save your shift

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