Facebook integration

Along with your website, you can also integrate the booking feature into your Facebook page. 



Create a Facebook button

Then link the so-called “Call to Action” button on your Facebook page with your booking widget. One advantage of this is that when your customers visit your Facebook page, the first thing they notice is your booking button.





How does it work?

On your fan page, click the blue button "Add Button" to set up your booking function. If you have already added a call-to-action button, move the mouse over the button and select "Edit Button".

Step 1: Select the option "Make an appointment", then "Book now" and go to step 2 by clicking "Next".

Step 2: Click on "Link to Website". Log in to your Shore software. Click on "Settings" and choose "Booking Widget" from the menu. Click on the displayed booking button to open your booking widget. Copy the URL and enter it in the Facebook window. Save the entry and finish editing the button with "Done".

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