Online Booking via Instagram

Let your followers book appointments directly through Instagram.


We'll show you how to set up your booking button in just a few minutes.


1. Enable Booking via Instagram in your Shore Account under Settings > Integrations. Confirm the activation and save your changes.




2. To get started, you also need a free Instagram Instagram business profile.

You don't have an Instagram business profile yet?

No worries, creating one is quick and easy. Just follow this step-by-step tutorial:


--> How to create a business profile on Instagram <--


3. Ready? Then you can set up your Instagram booking button with these simple steps: 


Important: Make sure to use your smartphone for the following steps.

  1. Open our confirmation email and copy your booking URL

  2. Open Instagram and go to your company profile

  3. Select Edit Profile



  1. Tap Contact Options



  1. Add an action button




  1.  Select Shore from the list of providers




  1. Now tap and hold on the URL field, and then select Paste to insert the booking URL you copied in the first step.





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